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Start! Come to Zhongshan this carnival Festival Kyoho grape, you Tian Jia she!
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July grape mature season

How little is so close to the grapes

This season goes to Lake Di Yin

The most important thing, of course, is to pick the grapes

July 7th --7 month 31

The power of the flood in the town of Di Yin Lake

Create a vineyard feast for you

"The great peak grape, the most beautiful field home"

The brand story of the Jufeng grape

Jufeng grape, which was bred by Japan in 1937, is the largest grape variety in Asia, which is the largest grape variety in Asia. Therefore, it is named the "giant peak" and is still the first one of the main varieties in Japan.

It was introduced into China in 1959 and has been widely promoted throughout the country, becoming a popular variety popular among fruit growers.

The first grapes in the small town vineyard are the most popular, juicy, juicy and juicy peaks in the market. They are born with a pure lake of 3500 mu of Di Yin lake, with a sweetness of about 18%-20%, up to 23%.

Kyoho grape is mostly juice with special strawberry flavor. It is the best among all kinds of grapes in anti-inflammatory and lipid lowering.

A great variety of grapes

Great vines of Lake Di Yin

The fruit powder is uniform and the fruit is beautiful.

Full sunshine, mature and uniform

Big, full, and high sweetness

Grape picking tips

Kyoho grape is dark purple when ripe. It is thinner and peeled. It is bigger than ordinary grapes. Its pulp is thicker and tastes sweeter. Hurry up and carry a small basket. Let's go to the farm to experience the fun of picking.

Online ticket purchase welfare

Adult: 78 yuan / person

Child: 50 yuan / person

Now buy tickets online ahead of time

Free to receive one Jin peak grape exchange voucher for free

(ticket office)

According to the five star screenshot screenshot, you can receive another gift.

In July, there was a golden rice field in Lake Di Yin

Don't forget to pick up your cell phone

Keep the moment of the harvest

WeChat self-service photo printer is also set up in the park

A wonderful picture is to be taken

Ecotourism resort of Lake Di Yin

It is located at the golden three Avenue in the triangle town of Zhongshan. It is adjacent to the triangle exit of the Beijing Hongkong Macao Expressway (Beijing Zhuhai Expressway), and the cities in the Pearl River Delta are 1 hours high speed.

Traffic information

Di Yin Lake reception center: Search (DI Yin Lake ecotourism resort reception center) navigation can be.

Di Yin Lake Tian Jia she Ecological Farm: Search (Tian Jia house Eco Farm) navigation can be.

Buy tickets for two dimensional code

Consulting Hotline: 0760-22811888

Ecotourism resort of Lake Di Yin

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