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Guzhen International Lighting Culture Festival
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The 2018 China Lights (Zhongshan Guzhen) International Lighting Culture Festival was officially opened on October 22nd and will last until the 28th. With an international vision, this year's lighting festival combines top-notch innovative design, cutting-edge light and shadow technology with local culture, to create a dreamy, cool and stunning light and shadow art feast.

The Guzhen Lighting Culture Festival takes Guzhen People's Square and Lighting Capital Ecological Wetland Park as the two main venues. The sub-meeting venue is extended to the newly built Center Binhe Park, the main road section of the town and the main lighting stores. Large-scale lighting styling, 3D light curtain fountains, creative lighting short dramas, special color boats and cultural temples all show their unique charms.

Viewing Point 1: Large-scale lighting modeling is dazzling

People's Square attractions use high-tech dome top 3D projection technology, light carving technology, etc., crystal elements, lighting dyeing, laser, fog effect, sound fusion linkage, "dream Roman column", etc. With magnificent lighting, the audience can enter the scenic spot to experience the beautiful lighting atmosphere, and interact with the lighting under the combination of large space structure and technology lighting. The lighting attractions such as “Forest Fairy Tales”, “North Lake Light”, “Light and Shadow Promenade” and “Tree Scene Light and Shadow” in the Light Ecological Wetland Park perfectly combine the natural landscape with the lighting art. Charm and vitality. The characteristic interactive attraction “Su Bingtian Runway” on the central riverfront park will also be displayed in a cool show. The runway will be the speed of the Asian champion of Su Bingtian, the ancient town of Su Bingtian, with a speed of 9.92 seconds. Visitors can experience Asia under the changes of lighting and sound effects. Flying speed and fighting spirit.

Viewing Point 2: The 3D light curtain fountain is upgraded again and again.

The 3D light curtain fountain, a large-scale special attraction built in 2017, has the reputation of “the most scientific and technological water light show in South China”. The attraction combines elements such as fountains, water curtains, lasers, and naked-eye 3D animation effects with music and dance performances with national cultural characteristics, giving life to the light and water, creating an audio-visual feast with great visual and auditory impact. This year's Lighting Culture Festival will reorganize 3D light curtain fountains with more sound, light and electricity elements, and upgrade them wonderfully.

Viewing Point 3: The new color boat showcases its cultural charm

This year's Lighting Culture Festival pays more attention to the integration of technology and culture. The innovation will upgrade the float parade in previous years to the color boat tour. The town government, village committees and enterprises will jointly build six light color boats, which will be unveiled at the lighting festival this year. They will be arranged in the center Binhe Wetland Park (north section of Shagu Highway). This is an innovative measure to show the cultural charm of the lamp industry with new carriers and new forms after the national intangible cultural heritage “Liufang Yunlong Dance” and the ancient town feature “Lotus Dragon Dance” and other folk culture put on the new lighting technology.

Complete supporting services provide visitors with a comfortable and convenient travel experience

The organizer sets about 10 parking lots around the venue, and more than 10,000 parking spaces are free for visitors. This year, we also cooperated with Gaode map. When Gaode user navigation set the ancient town lighting culture festival venue as the destination, the map will remind the surrounding parking lot, so that tourists can find the parking lot. After parking, passengers can walk directly to the Festival of Lights or take the free shuttle bus between the parking lot and the event venue. Passengers in the direction of Zhongshan City can also choose to take the free tour of the Light Culture Festival purchased by the organizer.






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