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The beauty of Zhongshan has attracted these tourists. Have you been there?
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Happy New Year!

Zhongshan cultural tourism season is about to open!

A group of "special tourists" came to Zhongshan

Visit the scenery, taste the food, and learn about folk culture

Feel the hospitality from Zhongshan

On January 16th, 85 people from the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District delegations, which were composed of well-known travel agencies and key scenic spots from Hong Kong, came to Zhongshan to inspect the tourist routes. They visited the Di Yin Lake Eco-tourism Resort, the 100-year-old Tsui Xiang Garden, Hong Kong, etc. Visitors have repeatedly praised the tourism development of Zhongshan on the way!



The first stop of Zhongshan Beauty:

Provincial Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Site - Zhongshan Diyin Lake Ecotourism Resort

The rhythm of the city is the same, and the fun life is one of the best. Like Zhongshan Din Lake Ecotourism Resort.

Such a paradise is not to be missed.


Diyin Lake Eco-tourism Resort is located in Jinsan Avenue, Triangle Town, Zhongshan City. It is adjacent to the triangle exit of Guang'ao Expressway (Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway). It is characterized by health and ecology and integrates vacation, tourism, entertainment and leisure.

The ecological park has a business area of nearly 3,000 mu, more than 1,000 acres of Di Yin Lake sparkling, covering an area of 300 acres of green hills, forest farms, terraces, grass fields, grass houses, labyrinths, farms... Happy and happy.


The park has a professional equestrian team and wonderful equestrian performances.


Animals in animal farms such as sika deer, alpaca, etc., can meet the intimate contact between humans and animals, and all kinds of exciting and fun mobile games can satisfy the children's desire to play.

On the parent-child farm, there are four seasons of fruit and fragrance, and there are Lingnan special fruits such as papaya, pineapple, guava, etc., as well as rare and delicious fruits from various countries, such as Garbo fruit, which can be picked all year round to satisfy the fashion of tourists. Pastoral experience.

Play tips

Traffic strategy

1, self-driving tour: A: Di Yinhu Lakeside Chalet Villa: Search for "Din Yinhu Eco-tourism Resort Reception Center" navigation; B: Di Yinhu Tianjiashe Ecological Farm: Search for "Din Yinhu Tianjiashe Ecological Farm" Just navigate.

2, bus route: City Rail Zhongshan North Station take K02 to Gaojiaosen direction to Gaojiaosen Station, or other township routes take the 302/365/208 bus to Gaojiaosen Station.

Ticket information

Eco-farm tickets are only 98 yuan from the preferential policy: 15 groups of parent-child groups to form a group, an adult plus a child below 1.5 meters (including) for a pair of parents (hands hold the baby free), one for every 15 pairs of parents Tickets for the team teacher and a meal included, each bus is free of a driver and a tour guide to enter the venue free of charge, the company can enjoy free company.

Zhongshan Station Second Station:

"2017 Guangdong Top Ten Hand Letters" Enterprise Zhongshan Famous Research Tour Base - Tsui Xiangyuan Industrial Tourism Point


As the founder of Zhongshan specialty almond cake, Tsuixiang Garden was founded in 1918.

It has been 100 years since then!


As a century-old brand, Zhongshan Tsui Xiangyuan is located in the health base of Zhongshan's national high-tech development zone. It covers an area of nearly 70,000 square meters. The surrounding area of the factory is beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, and the green coverage rate is 50%.

No matter how the time changes, Zhongshan almond cake is still the first of the four famous cakes in Guangdong.


From Monday to Sunday, there are cake masters who will take you to create and taste the unique almond cakes, visit the product display center of Juxiang Garden, and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable industrial trip, experience learning and hands-on fun!



Reservation phone: 0760-88282839

Address: No.13, East 2nd Road, Jiangyan, Torch Development Zone

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Bus: Get off at Zhongshan Road Base Station, 001, walk 820 meters


To promote cooperation between the tourism industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau

City Tourism Bureau also organized more than 40 representatives of tourism enterprises

Participate in the Hong Kong-Macau Macau Bay Area Hong Kong - Zhongshan Tourism Promotion Conference


Zhongshan performance

Arranged during the event

Salt water song, Cantonese opera singer drama "Youyuan dream", etc.

Performed in Zhongshan

Everyone is looking at it!

Commemorative tourist goods

Activity shows

"Intelligence and Tesco" Zhongshan Tourism Products in 2018

Award-winning work of the Creative Design Competition

Including folk culture, natural scenery, urban characteristics

Memorable tourism products such as festivals


Taste the specialties of Zhongshan, the specialties of Zhongshan, and let the delegates praise it!


Zhongshan Tourism pays attention to the promotion and cooperation in Hong Kong. In recent years, the two industries have exchanged visits, exchanged the latest travel information, and jointly developed a number of boutique routes. The next two places will further deepen the implementation of relevant cooperation agreements, and promote the “experience” to the citizens, the tourism industry and the media, and combine the cultural, tourism and food and other exciting elements to create a distinctive tourism brand in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and a more beautiful journey. Station tour route.






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