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Using Sun Yat-sen Culture to Help the Construction of Humanities Bay Area
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In recent years, Zhongshanhas continued to vigorously promote the construction of Sun Yat-sen culture."Supporting the deep excavation and promotion of Sun Yat-sen's culturalresources in Zhongshan" was written in the "Outline of DevelopmentPlanning for Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District". At the 6thmeeting of the 15th National People's Congress, which was opened on February21st, Mayor Wei Weihan pointed out in the "Government Work Report":developing and utilizing Sun Yat-sen's cultural resources, implementing theXiangshan Xianxian cultural resources activation and utilization project, andbuilding Sun Yat-sen Cultural International Exchange Center to enhance themanagement service level of Sun Yat-sen's hometown tourist attractions.

CPPCC members have expressed

      Zhongshan faces a new historicalstarting point and new development opportunities. It should fully absorb thetraditional cultural nutrients and energy of Sun Yat-sen culture, play itscultural leading role, continuously enhance the cultural soft power and theattraction of urban cultural brands, and enhance the construction of Zhongshanin the Humanities Bay Area. In the position.

      Building a humanisticspiritual home in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

      On behalf of the Citizens'Committee of the People's Republic of China, the CPPCC members Xie Yongfang andWang Kaibing focused on "Sun Yat-sen culture" in the "Proposalto build a new kinetic energy for Sun Yat-sen culture and to build a humanisticspiritual home in Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao."

The proposalmentioned

To promote Sun Yat-senculture as a priority strategy for comprehensively deepening reform, andestablish and improve the mechanism of exchange and cooperation as soon aspossible. Recently, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Governmentissued the “Implementation Opinions on Establishing the Sun Yat-Sen CulturalExchange and Cooperation Mechanism in Zhongshan City”, and proposed to speed upthe implementation of the “one group, one center, one association” workingmechanism, give full play to the synergy between the government and thesociety, relying on Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Planning andthe provincial and municipal policies to promote cultural development andprosperity, seize the good opportunities brought about by the implementation ofthe “Belt and Road Initiative” and the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong andMacao Dawan District, comprehensively enhance the international exchange andcooperation of Sun Yat-sen culture and promote The development of the culturalindustry has driven the transformation and upgrading of the traditional clusterindustry, helping Zhongshan to build a new pattern of opening up to the outsideworld in a comprehensive, multi-level and wide-ranging manner.

The suggestion alsopointed out

Dig deep into the characteristics of theSun Yat-sen culture and promote the creative transformation of Sun Yat-senculture.

The first is to formulate theimplementation plan for Sun Yat-sen's cultural project. The historical relicsrelated to Sun Yat-sen in the city, celebrities' former residences,characteristic neighborhoods, folk culture, traditional crafts, etc. are sortedout, archives databases are established, and Sun Yat-sen historical andcultural heritage protection plans are scientifically formulated. Integrate SunYat-sen's cultural elements into the creation of public spaces in the district,the shaping of commercial atmosphere, the creation of cultural centers, productdesign and manufacturing, and the re-creation of the human environment toenhance the city's sense of belonging and pride.


The second is to strengthen theconstruction of supporting facilities for Sun Yat-sen's cultural exchanges.Re-planning the construction of Zhongshan Park and Xishan Park, repairing orrestarting the historical track related to Sun Yat-sen, enriching the elementsof Sun Wenxi Tourism Culture Pedestrian Street to show the charm of Zhongshanhistorical and cultural city; renovating Zhongshan Road, Xingzhong Road andother streets named after Mr. Zhongshan. It has become a model for “ZhongshanRoad” across the country; the former Sun Yat-sen Memorial Library has beenbuilt into the Sun Yat-sen Cultural Research Achievements Data Center andExchange Base, and the “Senior Sun Yat-Sen Study Room” has been opened in thenew library; the “Zhongshan City Cultural Exhibition Hall” has been planned anddesigned. Established the "Zhongshan Modern Cultural Celebrity MemorialHall" to show the life stories of modern Zhongshan celebrities.


The third is to strengthen theartistic creation with the theme of promoting Sun Yat-sen culture. Invite aprofessional team to create Sun Yat-sen's musicals, film and television dramas,music poems, etc., perform regularly in scenic spots such as Zhongshan City,and tour in relevant scenic spots; edit and promote Sun Yat-sen's relatedpatriotic reading materials, and formulate clear standard specifications topromote Sun Yat-sen The development of cultural and creative products such ascommemorative postcards, reproductions of calligraphy and painting, andportrait sculptures; using modern light and shadow technology to show the storyof Zhongshan and the shining image of Sun Yat-sen in the facade of the citybuilding. In addition, the proposal also mentions the exploration andconstruction of the “Zhongshan Wenchuang Demonstration Zone in Dawan District,Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao”.

CPPCC member Hu Bo said

The "Guangdong, HongKong and Macao Dawan District Development Plan Outline" refers to the deepexcavation and promotion of Sun Yat-sen's cultural resources. “I believe thatZhongshan should attach great importance to the creation of urban humanisticenvironment. In the top-level design, middle-level promotion and grass-rootsimplementation, it will seize the highest point of humane city construction inDawan District. It is necessary to deepen the cultural resources of Xiangshanand polish the golden signboard of great man Sun Yat-sen. ""

CPPCC member Chen Bin also said

“Zhongshan needs to builda bridge of communication between Zhongshan and Macao youths with ‘Sun Yat-SenCulture’ and promote more cooperation between the two youths in a new way. Letus work together to complete the national proposition of “Sun Yat-senCulture”.”

Take "Sun Yat-sen culture" as

Foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation

The most important brand

Overseas Chineserepresentative Zheng Chaodong said in his speech

Zhongshan needs to regardcultural exchanges and cooperation as an important starting point for overseasChinese affairs. Taking "Sun Yat-Sen Culture" as the most importantcultural brand for foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation, Sun Yat-senculture is an important medium for carrying forward Chinese culture andexchanges and cooperation with the world, building a platform for Sun Yat-sencultural exchanges and cooperation, and promoting overseas Chinese and Chinesecompatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and even around the world.Mutual understanding and friendly cooperation serve the promotion ofZhongshan's economic development, scientific progress and cultural prosperity.

Provincial Committee ofthe CPPCC Shi Jiejun said in his speech

Taking Sun Yat-sen cultureas an important humanistic value chain in the cultural circle of DawanDistrict, giving full play to the advantages of overseas Chinese in terms ofcapital, technology, ideas and human resources, attracting Chinese from allover the world to support the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao andDawan District, and deeply participating in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The system promoted Sun Yat-sen's former residence area, Sun Wenxi Road area,Sun Yat-sen Park renovation and upgrading project, built the Sun Yat-SenCultural International Exchange Center with high standards, and held the 4thCross-Strait Zhongshan Forum and Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Festival to build theHumanities Bay Area.

Li Zhuowen, a friend ofthe CPPCC

In the "twosessions" of the province in 2018, the provincial CPPCC member and CPPCCChairman Qiu Shuhong submitted a proposal on the content of "Sun Yat-senculture", pointing out that Sun Yat-sen has close relations with 11 citiesin the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, "Sun Yat-SenCulture" It should be the bridges and ties, flags and brands of theGreater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The construction of DawanDistrict should focus on exploring and integrating the human value chain andbuilding the Humanities Bay Area. Friends of the CPPCC should further developtheir own advantages and contribute to the promotion of the "Sun Yat-senculture".






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