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2019 Guangzhongjiang Tourism Alliance Working Conference was successfully held
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In orderto deepen the tourism cooperation in the Guangzhongjiang region, strengthen theinteractive exchanges between the industry and prosper the tourism market ofthe three places, on April 30, the Guangzhou, Zhongshan and Jiangmen civil andmilitary departments held the 2019 Guangzhongjiang Tourism Alliance WorkingConference in Zhongshan. Ye Tao, Director of the Market Department of GuangzhouCultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, Luo Jianhua, Director of ZhongshanTourism Bureau, Deng Shuling, Deputy Director of the Jiangmen City Culture,Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, and the heads of relevantdepartments (sections) of the Municipal Bureaus attended the meeting.

The meeting was first summarized byDeputy Director Deng Shuling on behalf of Zhongshan Cultural Broadcasting andTourism Bureau in 2018. She said that in 2018, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Jiangmenand the three tourism bureaus actively joined hands, in accordance with theprinciple of “complementary complementarity, resource sharing, and passengers.The principle of source exchange and interest reciprocity has successfullycompleted the established goal. It participated in the 2018 GuangzhouInternational held in Pazhou Complex of Guangzhou China Import and Export Fairfrom March 1st to March 3rd with the image of Guangzhongjiang Tourism Alliance.Tourism Exhibition, the 31st Hong Kong International Tourism Exhibition held atthe Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from June 15th to 18th, and fromJune 28th to July 2nd, the three places jointly went to Jiamusi and Dalian tohold the “Vibrant Guangdong Xiumei Guangzhongjiang”. "Travel promotionmeeting, etc. In the special product research and development, regional brandpromotion, customer source market development, regional customer exchange,service quality improvement, tourism industry self-discipline and other aspectsof pragmatic cooperation, and jointly create the "vigorous Guangdong,beautiful and wide Zhongjiang" overall image and regional boutique travelroutes, Promote the upgrading of tourism alliance cooperation, and furtherrealize the integrated development of tourism in the three places.Subsequently, Director Luo Jianhua of Zhongshan Cultural Broadcasting andTourism Bureau handed over the rotating flag to the deputy director of LiuChaoqiu of the Jiangmen City Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism andSports Bureau in 2019.

At the meeting, Deputy Director LiuChaoqi of Jiangmen Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and SportsBureau introduced the joint promotion plan of the alliance in 2019. First, theoverall image of Guangzhongjiang was jointly participated in the domestic andinternational tourism exhibitions to jointly expand the tourism market. Such asjoint participation in the Guangdong International Tourism Industry Expo, HongKong International Tourism Exhibition. The second is to select the sourcemarket, organize three tourism companies to host tourism promotion meetings inthe cities of the mainland, and continuously expand our tourism market; thethird is based on the ten boutique tourism routes formulated by the Guangdong,Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District Urban Tourism Association. The combinationof tourism products, leisure and cultural experience, and ecological healthcare will combine the scattered scenic spots into a network and connect theminto a network to jointly develop the “one-way multi-station” boutique line tocreate key composite tourism products in the region; It is to study and developthe boutique routes and classic play modes of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.Subsequently, the representatives of the tourism departments of the threeplaces discussed and exchanged on the 2019 joint promotion work plan.

Director LuoJianhua of Zhongshan Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau made aconcluding speech. He pointed out that Guangzhou, Zhongshan and Jiangmen arelocated in the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The threeplaces are similar in humanities and the tourism resources are different. Thisyear coincides with the planning outline of the Greater Bay Area of ​​Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Thepromulgation and implementation of the three places will closely focus on thespirit of the outline, and explore the use of Guangdong, Hong Kong and MacaoDawan District cultural relics, cultural heritage, ancient Shu Road and otherresources, focusing on the creation of the Sun Yat-sen, the Revolution of 1911,the Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Cultural Heritage Trail . At the sametime, strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between the tourism alliance andthe industry, continue to innovate the way of promotion and promotion, furtherpolish the tourism brand of Guangzhongjiang, and actively play the role of thetourism alliance in the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Finally,Director Luo Jianhua accompanied the representatives of Guangzhou Culture,Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau and Jiangmen City Culture, Radio,Film and Tourism Tourism Bureau to visit Dayong Hongbo City, one of theimportant scenic spots of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau's Dawan District.






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