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Tourists on a visit to Zhongshan must not miss Zhongshan food. Zhongshan’s food culture has a long history and Zhongshan cuisine has a wide selection of materials, fine workmanship and right temperature.

The following delicious foods are strongly recommended: Shiqi Pigeon, Dongsheng Crisped Grass Carp, Shaxi Braised Pork, Huangpu Cured Meat, Sanxiang Rice Flour Noodle, Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Feast, Xiaolan Fish Ball, and Almond Cake.

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Zhongshan’s New Year’s snacks

Does Zhongshan’s New Year’s snacks remind you of your childhood memories?

Every new year

In addition to buying flowers and flowers outside the street

Every household in Zhongshan will prepare a variety of Chinese New Year snacks.

Oil angle, fried pile, rice, money ring, etc.

The fried food is good and elegant.


Frying piles - "fried, full of gold and silver"

Oil angle - "oil angle bend, family wealth million"

Simple proverb

But there is a culture in which Cantonese people pay attention to the "Italian"


Oil angle

The angle of the oil is also called Jiaozi. In the Chinese New Year in Zhongshan, the angle of the oil is indispensable. In the past ten days from the Spring Festival, every household has to fry the oil horn and take the meaning of “starting”, which is like the day of the next year. Only the oily oil is moist and rich.



The oil angle is mostly made up of coconut, fried peanuts, sesame seeds and other fragrant fruit. The tastes of different places will be different, the raw materials used are not the same, some are sweet, some are salty, some are biting hard and squeaking, some are crisp and refreshing, and the taste is delicious.



Fried heap 

Zhongshan people's proverb "There are people who have me at the end of the year." In the Dashatian Water Township of Zhongshan People's Town, every year and night and the New Year, there is a custom of boiling the frying pan and frying the heap, taking the meaning of “fried dumplings, full of gold and silver”.


In the process of frying, the flour will grow up slowly. At this time, it needs to be turned over with chopsticks, and the fried pile thus made will be round.

The fried pile has a unique flavor. When it is just frozen, the skin is crispy and crispy. After a long time, the skin is hard and hard, and it must be soft on the rice.


Egg powder


In addition to the oil angle, egg powder is also one of the foods that many families choose to cook. There is a source of stories, that is, there was a poor family who could not afford the oil horns, so they added some eggs to the dough and fried them. They found the accident delicious.


In fact, the egg is more crispy than the oil angle. The thin layer is very rich in flavor and the taste is really good. Eggs are also sweet and salty. After the fried egg is fried, the maltose syrup is smashed, and it is bitten. Now there are also some restaurants.


Money circle

The money circle is a special food product of Zhongshan Longdu. In the past Chinese New Year, every household in Longdu will do something. The inner circle of the money circle looks like a copper coin, meaning that the money is rolling. Deep-fried, golden in color, crispy in the mouth, full of egg scent.



To make money, first use egg, sticky rice flour, sugar, oil to add the right amount of water, stir into a smooth and smooth slurry, you need a money-like mold, the model is heated in the oil pan and lifted, immediately immersed in the stir Good pulp. A thin layer of pulp hangs on the model steel sheet of the money ring.

Then put the model into the oil pan and fry for five or six minutes. Once the mold is released, the inner money circle of the complete outer circle floats up.


Sugar ring

Sugar ring, chic shape, a ring outside, like a five-pointed star, surrounded by interlocking, endless.


The sugar ring has a long history and is one of the foods brought by the North. In the ancient Central Plains area, the sugar ring was made of flour. Later, when it was in Lingnan, it was changed to glutinous rice flour. After being cooked in a frying pan, it was golden brown and there was also the meaning of full house.

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Almond cake

Zhongshan almond cake is the traditional name of Guangdong Zhongshan. Originally created by Yi Gu Lu cake house at the beginning of this century, two or three years later, there was a sudden rise in the cake garden. The almond cake is famous for its taste and taste. It was at its peak from 20s to early 30s, and its products were exported to the Americas and Southeast Asian countries. The entrance almond is rich in aroma, crisp and sweet, and is well received by the customers.

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Shiqi pigeon

Shiqi Pigeon: Named after Shiqi town, Shiqi Pigeon is bright-colored, crispy, tender, with a strong scent of juice. A soft bite can bring lasting relish on lips and teeth.

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Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fish Ball

Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Fish Ball: Wrapped with fresh lettuce leaf, it is crispy and tender. You can feel a distinctive flavor by dipping the clam sauce and edible chrysanthemum.

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Dongsheng Crisped Grass Carp

Dongsheng Crisped Grass Carp: Grasp carps with crisp skin and elastic flesh are used. It can be cooked in multiple ways such as casserole, iced, baked, pan-fried, and braised, providing you with different delicious tastes. 

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Haizhou fish cake

Haizhou Fish Cake: It is a well-known food in Zhongshan. The cooking process is as follows: Adopt boned dace with special seasonings, knead it to fish slide and beat forcibly, then use a mould to press it to small round cakes, and finally fry the cakes. It has irresistible fragrance and is crispy and tender. You are recommended to eat Haizhou Fish Cake when it is well cooked to enjoy its dry aroma and good taste.

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Shaxi Braised Pork

Shaxi Braised Pork: Using streaky pork and taro as materials with up to 20 complicated cooking processes and more than 20 seasonings, it is flavorful and gives you a melt-in-the-mouth texture. 

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Sanxiang Powder

The noodle is made of special technology, and its powder is tough, slippery and refreshing, similar to Guilin rice noodles. With the above soup meat, you can cook delicious soup powder. The Zhongshan three township Lai powder produced by the processing plant is one of the five famous brand rice noodles exported by Guangdong province.






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